13 Best Vitamins(Supplements) For Hair Growth That Prevent & Stop Hair Loss

Best vitamins for hair growth are sometimes hard to find.

In a world where there are many supplements promising to grow your hair, it is difficult to figure out the ones with the best and most effective vitamins. These carefully selected best vitamins for hair growth will stop your hair loss, nourish it and stimulate a thicker, longer and fuller hair growth.

In this list, you will find 13 different vitamins that will not only offer you a long lustrous hair but also provide the vital nutrients that will nourish your skin and grow your nails stronger.  Don’t be deceived, there’s no one hair vitamin that works for all. Take time to go through the list and explore the one that it best for you. These products have worked for different individuals and will also work for you.

Best Vitamins For Hair Growth – Your Buying Tips

Gummies instead of pills: If you want a longer hair but you can’t stand taking pills, then your best options will be gummies. They are made to be chewed and are usually sweet and fun.

Do you react to biotin? It’s a vital ingredient in most hair growth vitamins but causes breakout for some people. If you react to it, consider drinking a lot of water while taking it. Secondly, ensure the quantity is not too high for your body to handle. For instance, if your body reacts to products that contain 10,000 mcg of biotin, consider one with 5000 mcg or 1000 mcg.

Try another supplement with different ingredients: If any of these best vitamins for hair growth did not work for you, try another brand with different ingredients

Product combination:  this  has proven to be very effective. Using these vitamins together with any effective shampoo for hair growth accelerates the growth even faster.


1. HairAnew

 Best Vitamins For Hair Growth–Stop Hair Loss and Boost Hair Growth

HairAnew made it to our list of best vitamins for hair growth. It’s one of the top rated solutions to fight hair loss and boost hair growth. Its effectiveness can explain why it’s the No.1 bestselling product in its category. This treatment is a combination of 11 unique ingredients which are basically herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. These ingredients effectively work together to nourish the hair follicles from the inside out then accelerate hair growth and increase hair thickness.

HairAnew is safe for both men and women and should be taken twice a day–2 capsule daily for effective results.

Features and Benefits of HairAnew Supplement

  • 11 Essential powerful vitamins– HairAnew comes with a mix of 11 essential vitamins, minerals and herbs that are necessary in the formulation and support of new hair.
  • Contains 5000mcg of Biotin, – this offers you a more nourished skin and stronger nails in addition to your new hair growth.
  • Both genders usage – this product is effective for both men and women.
  • Safe– This treatment is safe and free of any harmful bacteria or heavy metals.
  • From users feedback, this treatment reduces hair loss faster without compromising your health.
  • HairAnew is vegan, gluten-free and never tested on animals.
  • 60 capsules – each pack contains 60 vegetarian capsules for a full month supply.
  • Eyelashes growth – HairAnew does not just boost the hair growth on your head but extends its hair–growing effectiveness to eyelashes.

Things to Be Aware of:

  • Some customers have complained that the presence of biotin in HairAnew caused pimples on them.
  • Some users also said taking this product for hair growth is a long term relationship– it takes some months to see amazing result but takes 7-14 days to see the effect on nails.

Bottom Line

Being the no.1 bestseller in its category and backed with good ratings from many customers, HairAnew vitamin comes with powerful ingredients that transform your hair loss to hair growth–longer, thicker and fuller hair you will be proud of. Hence give your nails and skin a nourished, healthy appearance.

Click To Buy HairAnew Supplement on Amazon.



 Best Vitamins For Hair Growth–Stop Hair Loss and Boost Hair Growth

Hairfluence is a great formula that offers a complete solution that grows your hair and tackles hair loss. It has remained a bestseller even at the time of writing this post–hence we couldn’t but have it in our list of best vitamins for hair growth.

It’s made with clinically proven ingredients for a longer, stronger and healthier hair growth. This product is formulated with a variety of ingredients – biotin, bamboo extract, keratin, collagen, thiamin, MSM and vitamins. This ingredients offer a comprehensive and holistic approach when it comes to treating hair loss and strengthening the hair follicles for growth. Hairfluence is safe for both men and women.

While you have no control over how fast your hair grows, this treatment offers enough nutrients to the hair follicles for growth of new hair and blocking DHT that causes hair loss.

More Reasons Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • This treatment usually delivers noticeable results in 9 out of 10 people.
  • It enhances dilation of blood vessels to boost blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to specific areas which in turn promotes hair growth, glowing skin and healthy nails.
  • It works on all hair types.
  • You can’t lose: you get a 60-DAY 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work you

Things to Be Aware of

  • This treatment doesn’t work on all people because some customers said they didn’t see result after using it for close to 2 months.
  • Some customers noticed the effect of this treatment later– the hair growth effect could be very fast on some people and slow on others.
  • Some users while taking this product noticed a breakout of pimple/acne and itching.

Bottom Line

Hairfluence works and has been on the front line among the most effective hair growth/ loss treatments in the market. This is due to the presence of active ingredients that have been incorporated in the formula to combat hair loss and promote the growth of new hair. Backed with a high rating from a good number of customer reviews, this treatment is by far one of the best in the market–and can’t be skipped in our compilation of best vitamins for hair growth.

Click To Buy Hairfluence Supplement on Amazon.


3. Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength

best vitamins for hair growth–biotin

Natrol has been a top brand for biotin and its product, Natrol Biotin is a well-rounded beauty supplement for glowing skin, lustrous hair and stronger nails. Its effectiveness demonstrates why it continues to be used among people seeking for hair growth. This hair loss treatment contains a clinical formula of ingredients to ensure that your hair will look healthier and thicker.

 Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • Whether you have thinning or thick hair, curly or straight, Natrol Biotin works for everyone.
  • It helps support energy metabolism and aids in the conversion of food into energy
  • This maximum strength contains 10,000 mcg of biotin. It is higher than the average composition in other brands that ranges between 1000cmg and 5000cmg. The higher concentration allows you to see results sooner.
  • There is no need to have a prescription to purchase this product, which makes it easy and convenient.

Things to Be Aware of

  • Our body systems can never be the same. As such, what works for me may not work even for my sister. Although 4 out of 5 persons had a great reviving result using this product, certain customers also had an allergic reaction such as: headache and bumps that came with itching.
  • Some customers taking birth control pills said this treatment affected their period. So if you experience some medical conditions taking this pill, endeavor to see your health care professional.

Bottom Line

Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength works. It is a top choice for customers when it comes to biotin and it offers great result for skin, hair and nails. This can explain why it has remained a best seller for a while with decent rating from many customers.

Click To Buy Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength on Amazon.


4. Vitafusion Extra Strength Biotin Gummies

best vitamins for hair growth–biotin gummies

These hair growth gummies are fresh, soft, tasty and enjoyable. Vitafusion Biotin Gummies is the best way to ingest biotin, If you find it difficult swallowing the pills. This unique formulation comes with a mix of essential vitamins and minerals that work together to accelerate hair growth and increase hair thickness. And beyond hair benefits, it leaves the skin nourished and the nails stronger and healthier.


Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • This sweet and tasty Biotin gummies are fun to eat and takes away the hard feeling of taking pills
  • This vitamin is affordable.
  • This supplement is very effective and works on all types of hair.
  • It promotes the breakdown and conversion of fat, protein and carbohydrate into energy
  • The gummies are made from natural ingredients that work together to promote hair growth.


  • Although this supplement is great, some customers have complained about breakout.
  • Other customers have complained that it took longer time to see result.
  • Not good for someone severely allergic to nuts because coconut is part of the ingredients


Vitafusion Biotin gummies enhances hair growth and suitable for all genders. Made with a mix of powerful ingredients including Biotin, tapioca syrup, fractionated coconut oil, lactic acid, this supplement is capable of providing essential nutrients to your scalp and the hair follicles for effective hair growth process.

Click To Buy Vitafusion Gummies on Amazon.


5. Viviscal

best vitamins for hair growth

Viviscal is a hair loss supplement that delivers great hair growth result. It’s formulated with natural ingredients that nourish the hair which includes AminoMar, a proprietary marine complex exclusively to Viviscal. These ingredients together tackle hair loss from the root by feeding thinning hair and accelerating hair growth. This hair loss vitamin works for both men and women above the age of 18.

Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • This supplement is very effective and works on all types of hair.
  • It nourishes hair follicles from within.
  • Promotes the growth of existing hair
  • Provides the right nutrient to boosts the growth of hair that has slowed or stopped growing
  • Unlike some hair loss solutions, this treatment is great for male and female above 18 years.
  • The combination of biotin and a unique marine complex– AminoMar, synergistically offer incredible essential nutrients that strengthen the scalp, nourish thinning hair and promote the growth of existing hair.

Things to Be Aware of:

  • Some customers think this product price is on the high side.
  • This is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • If you are allergic to fish or shellfish, this is not right for you.
  • Some customer also complained it didn’t work for them.
  • Not good for children below 18 years


Viviscal is a hair loss and thinning hair solution for adults–men and women and it’s backed by 5 clinical trial. However, this supplement is not a quick fix remedy that offers immediate results. Although our body systems respond differently to treatment and result may come earlier than expected. But on average, noticeable result while using this vitamin takes 6-8 weeks whereas the full impact takes up to 24 weeks.

Click To Buy Viviscal Supplement on Amazon.


6. Hair Rush

best vitamin for hair growth–stop hair loss and grow a longer thicker hair

We can’t talk about the best vitamins for hair growth without including Hair rush in our list.

 it is one remarkable hair loss solution you should give a try.

It has a high performance rate and has worked for so many people.

The uniqueness of this product begins from the ingredient– a mix of 20+ powerful vitamins, minerals and herb that are essential in the stimulation of hair growth and thickness.

While most hair loss supplements are just a combination of biotin supplement and a few ingredients, Ultrax Labs has formulated Hair Rush by taking a different approach of combing different active ingredients such as nettle leaf powder (which blocks DHT), pumpkin skin powder (which accelerates healthier hair growth), saw palmetto (DHT inhibitor) and follicle promoting vitamins: biotin, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Hair Rush has been proven to be very effect in offering complete inside out nourishment to support proper follicular function. It should be taken for a minimum period of 90 day for effective result.

Why It’s In Our List Of Best Supplements For Hair Growth:

  • Hair Rush is safe for men and women
  • Promotes the growth of existing hair while reducing hair loss.
  • Blocks the production of DHT to end hair loss and promote hair growth
  • 7 out of 8 customers experienced a very fast hair loss reduction with any health complications

Things to Be Aware of:

  • After using this product for 90 days, some customers complained that this product didn’t work for them
  • Despite the fact this product is effective; some customers complained that it’s expensive.


Hair Rush formulation is unique and it works. Its ingredients effectively inhibit DHT that promotes hair loss thus enhances hair regrowth, thickness and overall healthiness of your hair.

When combined with the thickening serum and stimulating shampoo from Ultrax Labs, it’s like a marriage made in heaven.

Click To Buy Hair Rush Supplement on Amazon.



best vitamin for hair growth–stop hair loss and grow a longer thicker hair

Formulated by Brock Beauty for women, Hairfinity is design to feed your hair follicles with the missing nutrients. This promotes healthy hair growth and nourishment for your hair from the inside out.

Brock Beauty choice of ingredients in the formulation of Hairfinity has made it to stand out in the hair growth and nourishment market.

This hair growth vitamin comes with a mix of essential powerful ingredients including the Capilsana Complex, bioactive vitamins, biotin, minerals and nutrients.

The Capilsana Complex is the main ingredients and it’s exclusive to Hairfinity.

It is a combination of 18 amino acids, MSM and a special blend of hydrolyzed collagen which boosts the production of keratin and collagen that are the building blocks of hair.

While there are many hair growth supplements available on the market, Brock Beauty has recognized this fact and has managed to offer customers powerful hair growth vitamin–Hairfinity that is capable of taking the length of your hair to another level.

More Reasons Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • Hairfinity published a report on their website that indicated an average hair growth of 4.45cm over the course of the 90-day study, and a decrease in hair loss to an approximate number of 6 hairs per day.
  • Supplies your hair and scalp with 18 amino acids and other necessary missing nutrient
  • It helps improve the health of your hair while increasing the hair length.

Things to Be Aware of:

Our bodies will always respond differently to vitamins. Despite the effectiveness of this vitamin which defines why many customers gave it a 5 star rating, some customers said it didn’t work for them.

We also read from some other customer that complained of acne breakout and headache while using this product.

Some customer experience temporary hair loss within few weeks because the supplement was shedding unhealthy hair away.


Like any other nutritional supplement, Hairfinity will not work equally well for all individuals.

However, this vitamin has put smiles on the faces on numerous women, and if you’re one of those who didn’t see the effect of the product, you can always take advantage of the company’s 30-day refund policy and try out another product.

Click To Buy Hairfinity Supplement on Amazon.


8. Kimi Hair Growth Plus

best vitamin for hair growth–stop hair loss and grow a longer thicker hair

This is not a popular brand but made it to our list of best vitamins for hair growth.

It offers solution to thinning hair, hair loss and slowing hair growth.

Although it’s not as popular as Hair Rush vitamin, I consider it a big alternative because both share the same basic ingredients.

This can explain why Kimi Hair growth plus is very effective and delivers good results.

Hair growth plus vitamin is formulated to address follicular nutrient deficiency that causes hair loss and hinder hair growth.

It provides the necessary ingredients that support and restores your natural hair form within. Its unique ingredients includes: pumpkin skin powder (which quickens healthier hair growth), saw palmetto (DHT inhibitor), and nettle leaf powder (which partially blocks DHT). Biotin and vitamin B6 are also included to provide nourishing nutrients for the hair follicle.

This is one hair vitamin you can go for when you want more for less.


Some Reasons Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • For men and women
  • Free of fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients
  • High concentration of hair growth vitamins causes a faster result of hair growth
  • Nourishes the skin and strengthen the nails
  • Highest-Quality Natural & Safe Ingredients that does not contain fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients
  • Hair growth plus claims that this vitamin no unwanted side effects.

Things To Be Aware of:

  • This vitamin contains Zinc which is known to increase sexual arousal; this side effect might be bad for you if you are single and very religious.
  • This vitamin contains biotin.


This vitamin is powerful and at a less price, it offers great result for your nails, skin and hair.

It gives your hair the best nourished healthy and shiny appearance and has a lot of high ratings from many customers.

I really consider it a good alternative to Hair Rush that sells at a higher price.

Click To Buy Kimi Hair Growth Plus on Amazon.


9. DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins

 best vitamin for hair growth–stop hair loss and grow a longer thicker hair

DasGro hair formula is formulated to stop alopecia, balding, thinning and hair loss. Even without having any of these problems, the manufacturer also claims that it can be taken as a preventive measure against hair loss.

This treatment if made with twenty four (24) active ingredients that are mostly natural which includes DHT inhibitors ( Ginkgo BilobaSaw Palmetto, and Pygeum Africanum ) ; Nourishment agents (Grape Seed, Green Tea; and Vitamins A, C, D, E) and  Hair growth accelerators (biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, niacinamide, B1, B2, and B6).

With this nutrient combination, DasGro directly fights hair loss from the root by repairing the hair follicles and promoting healthy new hair growth naturally. It works perfectly for men and women without causing any side effect. However, although many customers get quicker result using this product, it may take 3 months to experience the best result from this product


Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • Makes your hair healthy while promoting its growth.
  • You have nothing to lose with the 90-day money back guarantee
  • For men and women
  • Great for all hair types
  • It’s vegetarians friendly: no gluten, starch, yeast or any other preservatives
  • Made with mostly natural products which result to no major side effect

Things To Be Aware of:

  • .Result might take time and not as sooner as you want it because we respond to treatment differently.
  • Some customers didn’t notice any hair growth after using this product for 90 days even though some saw improvement on nails and skin.


DasGro hair formula is a blend of unique natural ingredients that offers solution to hair loss. Being backed with 90 days money back guarantee, it speaks volume of the trust the manufacturer has in this product. Coupled with numerous feedbacks as well from customers, it is definitely a good product worth trying out. It also has a good price deal that saves you some bucks when you order for a 3 month supply at once.

Click To Buy DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins on Amazon.


10. Sport Research Biotin (High Potency)

best vitamins for hair growth–biotin

Biotin (high potency) is a soft gel blended to help promote hair growth, glowing skin and stronger nails. It’s formulated in such a way that the body will absorb the nutrients quickly hence get to work with it faster. Basically, this supplement consists of three (3) ingredients:

Biotin– nourishes the hair follicles and empowers them to grow new cells that will translate to more hair. Lack of it in your body may cause your hair to break.

Coconut oil– contains medium chain fatty acids with moisturizing and nourishing capacities for your scalp and hair.

Organic Yellow Beeswax– a good thickening agent that makes your hair look heavier while remaining soft and shiny


  • Affordable
  • It’s vegetarians friendly: Non-GMO & Gluten free
  • Does not contain any preservative or artificial coloring
  • 90-DAY money-back guarantee: return the product if you didn’t see result in 90 days as such you have nothing to lose.
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails and skin

Things To Be Aware of:

  • .Despite the effectiveness of this product, some customers said they didn’t see any result.
  • Some customers complained they had breakout and left them with pimples.


Formulated based on fast acting liquid softgel technology that allows for quick absorption into the blood stream. This allows the vitamin to produce a faster result by increasing the hair follicle hence improve the hair density. Beyond helping your hair growth, it nourishes the skin and nails as well. It has a lot of positive feedbacks from users because it truly works. You too can give it a try, it’s affordable.

Click To Buy Sport Research Biotin (High Potency) on Amazon.


11. PhytoWorx Hair Recovery

best vitamins for hair growth

Produced in Philippines, Phytoworx hair supplement promises faster hair recovery and regrowth and it works. It’s an advanced hair loss and thinning hair solution that transforms your hair into a radiant, healthy growing hair.

Photoworx Company seems to specialize in hair loss products which explains why its supplement is effective–It is their area of concentration.

The effectiveness of this product is heavily dependent on its formulation which is done with certain ingredients.  A blend of different natural that offer great support to hair nourishment and I will like mention some of them: Gotu Kola Powder, Grape seed extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Pumpkin seed powder and vitamins.

Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • Works for men and women
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • You will see result within 1-3 months if your body responds to this supplement. While new hair growth may take up to 12 weeks in some cases, this helps reduce perhaps stop hair loss within a month.
  • No major side effect.
  • Restores your hair from damage effect due to styling and lack of hair essential nutrients.

Things to Be Aware of:

  • .The price is high.
  • Although this vitamin made a lot of users happy, it still did not work for some users.


If you are tired of losing your hair and you want a supplement to reverse the situation, photo worx  may help.

Yes, users have had different experience using this product. While Some enjoyed a very fast result from using it, some had a moderate result. However, there are users that complained of not seeing the effect of this product at all. Even though the percentage is small, it validates what I have always said that no hair loss product offers a solution to all.

Click To Buy PhytoWorx Supplement on Amazon.



best vitamins for hair growth

Pro-T Select Hair Growth Supplement by Vie Naturelle made to our list of best vitamins for hair growth because it’s one of those effective not-popular-supplements-that- help prevent premature baldness and hair thinning in men and women. Vie Naturelle approached the formulation of hair loss treatment differently. By fusing together 6 undisputed DHT blocker ingredients with certain herbs and minerals, Pro-T Select Hair Growth vitamin was born. Pro-T Select contains no harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. This will provide a more natural and healthy product that is soothing to the body.

Why It’s In Our List Of Best Vitamins For Hair Growth:

  • Works for men and women of all ages
  • Created with 6 different DHT blocker ingredients for greater effectiveness.
  • 14 hair enriching vitamins and herbs to ensure better follicular function
  • Made with natural ingredients, no fillers added
  • No major side effect because of its natural ingredients
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Things to Be Aware of:

  • .Base on the feedbacks of some users, it doesn’t work for all and as such some said it’s a waste of money.
  • It may take time to see amazing results just like users who confirmed the result is.


Pro-T Select manufacturer claim that this product will prevent premature baldness and hair thinning in men and women. While there are so many positive responses from users that confirm the manufacturer’s claim, yet some users did not find solution using this product. Given that 6 out of every 7 persons finds this product helpful, I will say it’s a vitamin worth trying out.

Click To Buy Pro-T Select Hair Growth Supplement on Amazon.


Nutrafol for Women


The manufacture of Nutrafol for women is too confident and claims this product is what you need if you are experiencing hair loss, brittle, wiry hair, shedding and thinning hair.

It’s made to change your hair loss experience no matter the cause – alopecia, stress or age – and promote a healthier hair growth cycle.

This supplement contains some unique ingredients such as Sensoril – a clinically proven adaptogen that helps reduce elevated levels of the stress hormone.

In the production of this Nutrafol, different plant extracts were combined and they passed through clinical examination. These extracts are very effective to quicken your hair growth cycle – and it restores the hair in four steps:

The first step is stabilizing harmful levels of DHT and reducing stress hormones to stop possible damage to the follicle. The second step is to stop the inflammation and oxidative stress that affects hair growth. The third step is the restoration of dead hair follicles. The fourth step is the stimulation and promotion of hair growth by circulating hair nutrients where needed.

However, this treatment is not just curative but also an excellent preventive therapy which can be taken during the early signs of hair quality changing including hair loss or thinning hair.

Nutrafol for women is made for female and it requires taking it for 3-6 months to see the benefits it has to offer in the regrowth and improvement of your hair length.


Here are some of the reasons why Nutrafol is in our list of best vitamins for hair growth.

  • Nutrafol for women is made for women while Nutrafol for men is made for men.
  • To be taken before meal because it contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D and botanical extracts that require dietary fat in order to be absorbed.
  • Four (4) capsules of Nutrafol to be taken daily for best results.
  • It helps to lower stress so that the product of hormone cortisol will be curtailed.
  • Slows down aging so that hair loss that comes with aging will be controlled.
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • It takes 3-6 months on average to see result if your body responds to this supplement.

Things to Be Aware of:

  • The price is high.
  • Not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or young children.
  • Some users complained this supplement made them nauseous.
  • some users also complained they had stomach cramp while using it
  • This supplement did not work for some users even after taking it for 6 months.


Nutrafol made it to our list of best vitamins for hair growth because:

  1. Reduces hair loss by tackling different factors that causes it.
  2. Promotes hair growth by nourishing the follicles
  3. Reduces stress level
  4. Reduces oxidation that causes aging and hair loss that comes with aging.
  5. It’s not just a curative but preventive supplement.

Generally, Nutrafol formulated two different hair solutions: Nutrafol for women and Nutrafol for men. Although both of them work but we noticed the women formula produces more positive result than the male formula.

Don’t forget that not all hair supplements will give you a fast result even though they may work for others. So give this a try today and share your experience with us. Nutrafol works!

Click To Buy Nutrafol For Women on Amazon.


How To Prevent/Stop Hair Loss

The fastest way to stop hair loss is to adopt a healthy hair lifestyle that will further promote your hair growth. First off, it’s important you understand the cause of hair loss so you know the best approach. Below are certain factors that may be the cause of your hair loss.

Genetics:  this could be male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. In men, it’s usually a declining hairline and bald spots while in women it’s thinning hair.

Poor nutrition: the hair requires certain nutrients to nourish the hair follicles and when such nutrients are not available or low, it may lead to shedding of hairs

Telogen Effluvium: pregnancy, major surgery, drastic weight loss, or extreme stress, in which you shed large amounts of hair every day, usually when shampooing, styling, or brushing

Drugs:  drugs used in the treatment of cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, heart problems and birth control may cause hair loss.

Excessive hairstyling: hairstyles that pull your hair tight, such as pigtails or cornrows, can also lead to hair loss.

However, no matter what the cause of your hair fall may be, try doing the following:

  • Eating foods high in protein
  • Taking supplements that contains essential hair vitamins like vitamin B-12 etc.
  • Take care of your hair and avoid too much styling
  • Reduce stress by doing some counter stress activities or taking stress relieving supplements
  • Use some topical approach like hot oil treatment, hair massaging with natural product that are rich in hair nutrients.

Finally,we understand how much your hair means to you and how it can really affect your look and confidence overall.  Combining any of these best vitamins for hair growth with an effective hair growth shampoo will sure give you a magical result and put an end to your search.


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