African American Little Girl Hairstyles – 30 Top Trendy Hairstyles for Little Girls (2020)

African American Little Girl Hairstyles can change for good, the beauty look of your daughter. By default, the hair of an African American girl is thick, hence maintaining it by a non-professional could be a problem.

More so, kids are playful people. They always want a hair style that will allow them express themselves.

Here is a list of 30 trendy Africa American hairstyles for your beautiful kids.


Below is a list 30 different hairstyles that your little girl would love to rock:

1. Big Twists

Big Twists - African American Little Girl Hair

Big twist braids have been found to be one of the big trend on the African American little girl’s hairstyles.

These braids are very thick and heavy. Though it consumes much of the braids but they are very comfortable and looks very beautiful on the kid’s hair. For this to be achieved, it takes a professional hairstylist to make the wonder to happen. Then with this, your kid is ready to join the trend

2.Up Bun Twist

Up Bun Twist-African American Little Girl Hairstyles

This is a very simple but trending style for kids. This bun look is being achieved by rolling two strands of twisted braids after packing the hair at the center of the head.

As most of the kids will always love to look like a princess, this bun look fits every kid as it helps to bring out that younger pretty looking face in every kid.

3. Short Braids with Beads 

Short Braids with Beads - African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Short braids with beads is another African American hairstyle that looks not only simple but outstanding on kids. Much braids are not being used and this makes the hair to be very light, free and simple. As kids will always wish to be noticed after making their hair, the beads help to bring out the beauty of their hair by making it very colorful.

4. Classic and Simple Twist

Classic and Simple Twist - African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Knowing fully well that it will be very difficult for a kid to sit down for hours on a particular hairstyle, it is interesting to know that classic and simple braid can be rocked by kids.  It is simple, saves you more time and delivers the classic look!!

5. Braided Ponytail 

Braided Ponytail - African American Little Girl Hairstyles

With a professional hair stylist who is able to provide the “clean look” on every part of the hair which is where the beauty lies, braided twist is good to go for your kid. This is simple and yet beautiful on your kid’s hair. With all these done, your kid is on the trend move.

6. Bantu Knots 

Bantu Knots - African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Some might say that Bantu Knot is an old fashioned style and will not look good on kids, but when the secret behind the beauty of the hair is been known, then your child will be able to wear the pretty look on her face.

The beauty of these knots depend on the scalp pattern which is either in box, star, block, triangle etc. These scalp patterns are being lined out on the scalp to give the desired shape and the twists are rolled up into the use of a stitching tool [needle and thread].

7. Braids with Twists


Braids with Twists - African American Little Girl Hairstyles

This kind of braid is very outstanding. This can easily be achieved both on natural hairs without the addition of braids and also on permed full hair with or without the addition of braids. Half way braid, half way twist Works well for all face shapes based on the way the hair is been styled. The special thing about this style is that, the twist could be loosened after sometimes which comes out with a curl thereby giving it another beautiful look with a different pattern.

8. Crotchet Braids 

Crotchet Braids - African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Crochet curling hair style has been a simple, free and unique style in the kids trend today. This looks very beautiful with a curly hair extension after weaving the hair which aids to add that natural look. The lovely thing about this hair style is the way it looks so natural and you don’t, the nice shape it forms and the stress-free days it gives to the kid.

9. Cornrows and Twists

Cornrows and Twists- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

With the neat scalp, this hairstyle can sit perfectly on your little girl’s hair irrespective of her hair texture. However, different curvy styles can add to the beauty of the hair.

10. Twist Out

Twists Out- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

This is achieved after twisting the hair and untwisting it. To keep the look for a long time, a creamy leave-in conditioner or styling mousse is being used. As it gets older, it gets more beautiful.

11. Long Braids

Long Braids- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Braids are very classic as it makes one look classier. As every woman would want to braid to look beautiful, so also kids would want to but with a moderate length and size. After is been made, the beauty about it is that different styles can be created with it.

12. Half Bun

Half Bun- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Making a trip with your kid to the hair salon shop at least once in two weeks or once a month really worth it because there is a special pride in carrying a full and healthy natural hair. Half Bun twist is a very comfortable and good looking style that every kid will be proud to be with at least it saves the girl from the stress of packing and repacking.

13. Braid Up Bun

Braid Up Bun- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Your little girl is never too young to embrace big hairs. For a start, different beautiful high bun styles should be done on the kids’ hair before the longer ones will be done. this hair styles can be tested on girls from the age of 16 and above depending on their choices. High Bun style are always looking beautiful and simple and can be achieved within seconds .It is perfect for a fancy event like birthday party.

14. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Goddess braids is one of the styles that will make your child look younger, classy and trending. This can be achieved cutting out some part of the hair which runs across the front of her hair and making an inner weaving. An edge control or gel can be suitable in designing the frontier. It might look very complicated, but it’s actually quite easy to put together with the help of a professional.

15. Criss Cross Up do

Criss Cross Up do- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

Cress cross up do is also known as the “terrible twos”. This simple but unique style can best be achieved on a very permed hair or kids with very soft hair. Instead of stressing your little kid with big styles that can keep her sitting for hours, cress cross up do hair style is very simple and will always give a smart look on your Kid. This style can be easily made by anyone.

16. Medium Hair Curls

Medium Hair Curls- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

This hair projects a level of fun and creativity, yet it’s girly and can be managed easily. It’s great for most styles that have embellishment such as ribbons and flowers.

17. Box Braids

Box Braids- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

The beauty of this style lies on the hair cutting style and the scanty part of it. This box braids can only be perfectly created and achieved by the use of artificial hair which is synthetic hair for the purpose of adding thickness, neatness and special look to the hair as well as length. due to the synthetic hair can easily be removed whenever you wish which is different from Braid Up Bun such as braid up bun, it can be styled in a number of different ways. 

18. Bantu Knots and Braids with Beads

Bantu Knots and Braids with Beads- African American Little Girl Hairstyles
This is similar to Bantu Knots. It is a very perfect combo for your little girl to join the trend . after the knots are been made, then the braids are attached to the left and right sides within the knots. The beads are for color addition as it will add to the beauty of the hair.

19. Cornrows with Side Bun

  Cornrows with Side Bun- African American Little Girl Hairstyles

a professional is highly needed for the uniqueness of this hair to be achieved. A healthy and neat scalp is being required to get this perfect style. For adornment, few golden or silver clips will be very necessary between the hair line for extra style. 

20. Love Shaped Cornrows

Looking at this hairstyle, it is gradually topping the list of the African little girl’s hairstyle page. With a professional, this style is very good both on permed and natural hair. your little kid can slay this style effortlessly both to school and any other place.

21. Box Twists with Beads

  Box Twists with Beads-African American Little Girl Hairstyles

The only difference between box braids and box braid with bead is the bead and twist. Twists are faster to make and saves more time. With this style your comfort is rest assured.

22. Three Step Cornrows

  Three Step Cornrows-African American Little Girl Hairstyles

with this hair, your kids are good to go either to school, occasions like birthday party, kids resort center etc. Addition of beads helps to blend its simplicity and gives it a classier look.  It saves time.

23. Side Braids with Bun

  Side Braids with Bun-African American Girl Hairstyles

Due to how trending the world is becoming, natural hair can now be styled in different ways. This is one of the African American styles that every little Girl or kid will love to wear. It perfectly fits every kid with every face shape. It is very perfect for wedding, formal events, parties and many other more.

24. Side Bun with Bows

  Side Bun with Bows
 Give your little girl the princess look that she desires and deserves with this hairstyle. This style despite the fact that it looks beautiful but it can be selective when it comes to clothing. The bows can be made as a single one or double bow.

25. Unique Hawk

Natural black hair will forever remain unique and outstanding especially when it comes to the diverse ways in which it is been styled. The unique hawk is full of thickness and texture and can be styled in so many ways. This style is a perfect look for wedding.

26. French Braids

This style looks very good and simple on every natural black hair. Despite the simplicity of the hair, French braids gives an extraordinary look on every kid including young ladies. This will keep your kid’s hair out of her face and keep her looking more adorable.

27. Free Hair

Black they say is beautiful is applicable to not only on facial or body color but also on hair. Allow your girl’s naturally wild, rebellious hair to roam free. All you have to do is to put a hair band and gently pull it up a little.

28. Pigtails

Let’s face it, African American little girl’s hairstyles are just the best. And nothing is prettier rocking its natural black hair in a neat pigtail twist. The beauty of this hair can be identified when a colorful hair band in bead form is been used to hold it.

29. Side Cornrows

To get this hairstyle, you have to start plating it from the side and end the cornrows with a kinky twists. This is great for kids that are not hyper­-­­ kids that can stay calm for a while.

30. Fancy hairstyle

This can also be called doughnut. With Soft and straight hair, this style can be accomplished on younger girls as well as elders and going for a pretty formal look is always a special treat. High top knot is adult-like and classic. It is ideal for both school and other special events.

Here’s How to Maintain Any of these African American Little Girl Hairstyles and Prevent it from Breakage

Breakage or hair loss is seen often in the kids with textured natural hair. This experience could sometimes be a natural biological process.

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Healthy hair depends on an inner cuticle with overlapping scales that keep the strands of the hair together.

Furthermore, constant breakage of children hair and balding of their hair is usually a pointer to inadequate or insufficient nutrient [vitamins etc.] in the body.

Sometimes, it could also be as a result of wrong hair care regime.

we have outlined some of the tips that will help you avoid your little girl’s hair from loss and breakage :

1. Frequent use of Original Hair conditioners and other Hair washes

Frequent use of original conditioner and shampoo has and can be a good deep

Moisturizing process to your hair. Conditioners helps to soften and detangle hair. It is necessary to wash the hair with shampoo at least once a week. When the hair is washed and conditioned, it gives room for the healthy living of the hair because water helps in easy and faster growth of the hair.

2. Cover your kid’s Hair

As or bodies are very sensitive so is our hair, therefore, proper attention to the hair should be given. Covering of the hair with a silky scarf is very healthy because it aids in retaining the oils that was applied to your hair.

3. Avoid The Use Of Flat irons and Straighteners

Stretching the natural hair of your kids gives the hair a special look but using a hot comb on it is not healthy at all.

Your girl’s hair is still tender and one thing that can distort the hair protein hence damage the hair is heat. Do everything to avoid heat on her hair.

Here are few ways to stretch your toddler’s hair without using heat:

  • Carefully detangle your hair after washing it. You can do this by combing it properly from the tip to the root.
  • Hold the hair tight and plait the hair in two inch chunks.

This will cause the hair to unravel and appear stretched or elongated. You can also use rollers to stretch the hair.

4. Oiling

As oil is known to be a good lubricant both to cars and machines, so is it to hairs.

Oiling of the hair is another good way to prevent breakage of the hair and grow it better. There are so many kinds of oil that works perfectly well for all hair type and texture such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil and mustard seed oil etc.

So it is advisable to find out the kind of oil that aids the hair of your girl to grow faster so as to apply it whenever dryness due to long exposure to sun takes place to avoid breakage.

Your child’s hair will grow better if she oils it regularly. After the oil is been applied, there is need to massage the scalp as it helps in nourishing of the hair.

5. Check her Diet

This is another tip that works wonders. Citrus fruits, strawberries, vegetables and every other meal that helps promote a healthy scalp is very good. These things help to prevent breakage of the hair.

6. Hair Accessories

Wearing of tight binds on the hair, cuts the hair especially when is been used in the frontiers of the hair. Wearing of beads that are very heavy leads to cutting of the hair because it stresses and makes the hair weak.

7. Rinsing with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a very strong tool that is very important and useful has a long list of benefits. Some of those benefits for hair are:

  • product buildup removal
  • It softens the hair and treats dandruff
  • It has been verified that apple cider vinegar is very good and healthy for the hair but since it is very unhealthy for the kids eye, before it is being applied, the kids eye should be covered and the eyes should be faced up

8. Protective Hairstyles

Protective styles are those styles that helps to hid every strand of the hair from sun. It protects the ends of your child hair from breakage and exposure to harsh elements.

This styles save your little girl hair from excessive or daily touching.

Example of protective styles are cornrows, braids, flat twists, crochet braids and up-dos, buns.

9. Drinking lots of Water

 Water is life. When the body is dehydrated, there is every possibility that the hair will suffer it too. So there is need to take enough glass of water to keep the body hydrated so as to keep a healthy hair.

It may be difficult to get your child to drink water often during the day but it truly does make a difference when their body is hydrated.

These African American Little Girl Hairstyles will definitely transform the look of your baby girl. What is your favourite hairstyle?

10. Avoid going out with wet Hair during winter months

During winter, ensure your little do not go outside the chilling environment with her hair wet.

Else, the low temperature can cause breakage and damage once her hair is freeze

These African American Little Girl Hairstyles will definitely transform for good beauty for you baby girl.

However, because faces are different: oval, slim etc, one or more of these hair styles will project the beautiful look of your daughter more than another.

So we will like to know which of these African American Little Girl Hairstyles beautifies your girl the most.


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