How To Apply A Face Mask With A Brush(+How To Clean It)

How to apply a face mask with a brush is one question I get asked often, especially from those using a facial mask for the first time. Using a soft-bristle face mask brush makes the application very easy

 Usually, the fear of unknown would keep coming to the minds of some first time users, such as:

If I don’t apply the mask properly, will my face get hurt?


This consciousness usually leads to knowing all the details about properly applying a facial mask with brush.

Of course, applying a facial mask or clay properly, which a brush can help you do, is the fastest way to reap the benefits of facial mask.

According to dermatologists, face masks will help suck out the surplus oils and impurities in your face, open blocked openings on your face, and reduce inflammation.

Because of these great benefits, getting the application right with whatever tool you want to use such as brush couldn’t be wrong.

So in this post, I will be showing you how to apply face mask with a brush including great facial mask brushes you can also use to achieve a flawless application.

How To Apply A Face Mask With A Brush – Step-By–Step

Material preparation:

  • Get your brush and ensure it is clean. I usually would rinse my brush in a hot water and dry it up. I do this to ensure that no dirt mixes with my mask thus gets into the pores of my face that must have been opened.
  • Get your bowl which you will use to mix your mask if it is homemade hence have a larger surface area to operate from.
  • Get your very clean towel close. You will need to wipe your face with it. I like to use white because it helps me to detect any iota of stains.
  • Cut four slices of potatoes or cucumber which you will use to cover your eyes. Any of the two offers a soothing effect to your eye region while the mask is doing its work.
  • Get your materials chilled. Masking is a luxury treatment which does not only rejuvenate your face but also offer you an unparalleled calmness. Having your materials chilled or at a low temperature helps you achieve your goals.

Skin Preparation

Wash your face properly to get rid of any sweat, oil or makeup hence exposes the pores on your skin for maximum penetration.

Exfoliate your face to smoothen it further. Exfoliating your face will peel off some dead skin while leaving your face ready to absorb the best of nutrients from your mask. You can exfoliate with your favourite facial scrub or wipe. And then rinse with warm water.

Open Blocked Opening On Your Face

This is a vital step. Mask rejuvenates your skin when the nutrients penetrate into your facial skin through the pores. Often times, these openings are being blocked by fats and impurities. The best way to open the pores is to melt the fats. This can be done with steam:

  • Dip your face towel into hot water (the temperature your skin can bear)
  • Squize out the water and cover your face with it. After a while, clean your face with it.
  • Another option is to boil hot water and put the water in a bucket. Bend your face toward the hot water and cover your head with a towel. This will control the direction of the steam toward your face. After a while, remove your face and clean it up.

Apply The Mask With Your Brush

Dip the soft bristled brush into the mask and paint your face with it. Just pretend like you are painting a wall and cover your face evenly with the mask. Be careful with your eyes and mouth. Mask is not for consumption.

After Application

  • When done with the mask, set your timer
  • Lie down on your couch or anywhere that is comfortable for you and face up.
  • With your eyes closed, use the chilled potato or cucumber to place on your eyes while lying down.

Wash Off The Mask

  • Your alarm should beep when set time elapse.
  • Proceed to wash it off with warm water.
  • Gently press the towel on your face when done to dry the water. Be very gentle with your face at this time.

Lock The Pores

Use tonner to close the openings on your skin so that the nutrients from your mask will be greatly retained in your skin

Moisturize a Little

You will receive the maximum benefits of the mask when you apply a little moisturizer. Your face will have moisture hence remain soft and succulent.

Hansderma SkinSoft Face Mask Brush

Apart from saving a lot of mask for you, smooth and uniform coverage on your skin is one remarkable benefit you will enjoy using this Hansderma SkinSoft Face Mask Brush.

Here are the things about this face mask brush you will like to know:

  • This brush won’t hurt your skin
  • The bristles are so soft and smooth on skin
  • You can also use it to apply oil on your scalp, serum, peel and other skincare products.
  • The unique nature of this brush makes it a stress-free thing to easily get the clay around the less accessible and smaller areas of your face such as your eyes and nose area.
  • Available in 5 colours you can choose from
  • The price is below 8.USD and can be bought here

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How To Clean Face Mask Brush

How to clean a face mask brush is very easy. After applying facial mask or clay with your brush, you can use water to wash off the clay.

But if you applied your makeup with it, your facial cleanser would be perfect for cleaning it– just wash and air dry it.

With appropriate care, you can use and enjoy your brush for years. 

Hansderma skinsoft brush is a wonderful tool that can make a huge difference in your face mask application or treatment.

If you want an even application of your mask or you hate waste–and want to save more of your skin care products especially the ones that require using brush, then go right now for this brush.

Click To Buy Hansderma SkinSoft Brush on Amazon.



How to apply a face mask with a brush is something different people have come to figure out what routine that works for them. Some like to use their hands to use apply the mask. Some people like to use slices of tomatoes to cover their eyes.

Whatever procedure you use to feel great, we will like to read from you.

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