How to Put on a Face Mask without a Brush (Apply a Face Mask Easily )

How to put on a face mask without a brush is something you would like to do especially when your brush is not available.

Applying your face mask is something you can do even if there’s no brush. It will not stop you from achieving a flawless and glowing skin which facial mask offers you when done right.

So, if you’re able to do it right, it might become a routine that perfectly embeds itself into your life.

Must Read: How To Apply A Face Mask With a Brush

Meanwhile, if you often struggle with dull or overly oily skin, a face mask can be the magical touch you need.

As you might have known, there are numerous types of face masks, with diverse techniques and application. In your case, it doesn’t have to be rocket science. The fact is, you can pull this off without having to use a brush.

Now you’re probably wondering how possible it is to apply a face mask without a brush. Many beauty experts have given this a trial, and the reviews were great. So, you too, would love the method without hassle.

How To Apply A Face Mask Without A Brush

Wash Your Face Properly

One of the numerous mistakes people do is to dive into the bathroom and apply the mask immediately. Nah! That is probably unhealthy and would cause more harm than good. For the best result, you need to wash your face properly.

Using warm water is preferable, as it would open your skin pores and allow it to breathe.

Wash off the makeups, the dirt, the sticky oils on your face. If you have a face cleanser, it will be awesome.

By washing your face, the face mask would be able to penetrate the skin and give it the necessary treatment.

Exfoliate your Skin

For the face mask to work effectively, exfoliating the skin is one thing you shouldn’t overlook.

 There are many exfoliate soaps that you can get at your local store. Use this product on your face before you apply the mask.

Why this is necessary is to remove the dead skin cells, thereby allowing a new skin to surface. It will help the face mask work more effectively.

Apply the Mask

Here is where the big deal is, although not necessarily technical. You will get the hang of it as you follow this guide.


Wash your hand thoroughly. The last thing you need is to get dirty mixed up with the mask, that would be a disaster. Making sure your hand is clean before touching the face mask is paramount.


The second step is to scoop out this magical mask using your middle finger. You can start with a small quantity and increase as you progress. But if you want a very thick layer of the face mask, then scoop out a large amount.


Before you even start scooping the mask, you need to make sure you’re standing in front of a big mirror. That way, you are in control.

 When applying, place the first ones on your cheek and gently spread the love around your cheeks and forehead, chin, temples, and nose. If you want to remove the layer easily, then apply a thin layer of mask on your face.


While spreading the mask all over your face, ensure you avoid going close to your eyes. The purpose of the big mirror is so that you can watch what you’re doing. The last thing you need is to get the content into your eyes, which can be pretty unsafe.

When it is time to remove the mask, also avoid close contact with the eye. Your eyes are very delicate, so utilize the big mirror in front of you and do an incredible job.

If you have any dark spot, acne, or blemish, ensure you cover those areas with the mask. But please, don’t scrub your skin to avoid irritation.


After applying the mask, you need to leave it for 15 minutes to completely dry out. If after that duration and it is still isn’t dry, give it more time. The temperature can have an impact on the period it takes to dry.


 After the mask is dry, wash it off using a clean cotton cloth and warm water. Treat your skin like a delicate glass that you don’t watch to scratch. Keep soaking the cotton cloth and rub against the mask. Try not to be rough or harsh, as that might irritate the skin and cause an acne breakout.


 After drying off the mask, it is time to clean up further by rinsing. Splash some water on your face and allow it to remove the remaining particles on your face.

STEP 8: Finally, get yourself a damp clean towel and pat your skin dry.

Moisturizers after Face Mask Application 

One of the causes of skin diseases like eczema, pimples, dark spots, etc. is when the skin lacks some active ingredients.

Sometimes, it could be due to a blocked skin pore. By using a face mask, you deliver these active ingredients your skin needs.

 Aside from helping you maintain a younger and glowing skin; a face mask also performs incredibly well by preventing the loss of facial water.

 Furthermore, it seals in the active ingredients that have been delivered effortlessly. When correctly done, you will see excellent results in no time.

Face Masks That Do Not Need Brush For Application

It is not all face masks that you must use brush to apply. Some of the masks are produced in a way that you pull them out from your pack and place them on directly on your face. one of such mask is sheet mask.

Ebanel Sheet Mask

sheet mask- Ebanel Korean Collagen Facial Face Mask

This ebanel is a korean masking sheet that offers your face a quick brightening experience and quick moisturizing effect. The anti aging properties infused into it is great.

How To Apply A Sheet Mask

  • The first step is to remove the mask from the package
  • Once the face mask is out, try to align the holes to your eyes, mouth, nose. If perhaps more masks are remaining, use them to pad your neck, arms, elbows, and knees.
  • Once you have perfected, fit the mask on your face, grab a couch, and relax. Leave the face mask for about 15 minutes to absorb all the moisture or dirt on your face.
  • Peel off the mask after 15 minutes and discard the sheet mask
  • Finally, pat the essence around your face for maximum absorption.


How to put on a face mask without a brush is something you would like to try when you can’t your brush. It may not be in your lane but one day, situation might just push you to doing it. 

If you have ever done it before, share with us your best method or exceptional ideas you adopted while applying a facial mask without brush.

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