How To Increase Facial Hair Growth Naturally

How to increase facial hair growth naturally is something I really sort for in my 20’s. Unknown to me it was and still is, applicable to many.

In fact, growing facial hair has been a significant concern to millions of men. Not only does beard make them feel manly, but to always appear stylish and attractive.

 When I searched to see how to increase facial hair growth naturally, I was stunned at the search volume.

The number of men looking to grow their hair every day is enormous. Just like you, they want answers on how to improve hair growth.

The goals are often different anyway. Some wish to boost new growth; others wish to achieve thickness, cover-up patches, and so on.

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This post is about how to increase your facial hair growth naturally. Remember, it all boils down to genetics. If you aren’t meant to grow facial hairs, none of these tips will work. So let’s dive in.

 How To Increase Facial Hair Growth Naturally– 6 Methods

Leave The Beard Alone

When looking at how to increase facial hair growth naturally, you must learn to leave the beard alone.

After the first month of trying to get a beard, you will discover your face is covered with hairs like a forest.

Most so-called beard experts often advise trimming. Well, I am saying you shouldn’t.

During these few weeks, you must fight tooth and nail not to groom your hair.

What am I saying? Don’t trim, don’t shape, don’t cut anything. Just leave your beard alone.

It might be challenging to follow, but it will allow your beard to grow faster. After about 4 to 6 weeks, you might then decide to start grooming your hair.

 Eat Foods That Boost Facial Growth

The type of food you eat certainly has an impact on your facial hair growth. Although there aren’t many studies looking at how diet can make you spew a beard, there has been a little experiment in which some hormones level can increase or decrease as a result of the food you eat.

Such hormones are DHT and testosterone.

If you want to increase facial hair growth naturally, then you need to focus on diet to boost these hormones.

About last year, a group of Japanese experimented, and they discovered certain foods that increase facial hair. They include.

  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Olive Oil
  • Sorghum
  • Coffee
  • Raisins, etc.

During the study, young men switched their food and started avoiding the above.

Another group relied only on the sources mentioned above, and within two weeks, the result was glaring. The group that relied on the already mentioned sources experienced a drastic increase in their testosterone level.

To grow your facial hair, focus on proteins, nuts and seeds, fruits, and vegetables. That will certainly do the trick.

Moisturize Your Beard

There are many beard oils in the market. Although there is yet to be a scientific proof of their potency.

However, they do an excellent job of keeping the beard moisturized. Keeping your beard moisturized doesn’t only make the beard appear fully; it also aids in its fast increase or growth.

With beard oil, endowed with natural ingredients, you will keep your beard not dry or irritated.

When your beard is dry, they are prone to break off. Furthermore, dry beards cause more entanglement and split ends. These, as you know, are damaging to your beard.

If you lack trust in any beard oil, perhaps you can make use of what you have. Olive oil, coconut oil, etc. are great choices.

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Exercise And Weightlifting

There have been many individuals who experienced an explosive facial growth just because they began exercising and lifting weights.

The logic behind such an occurrence is evident. When you increase your daily physical activity, it will also improve circulation to the beard area.

However, the type of physical activity known to do wonders is heavy weightlifting and explosive resistance training.

That is because they activate the androgen receptors and stimulate new hair growth.

Not only will working out help with facial hair growth, but you also become more fit and healthy.

There are numerous workout apps on Apple Store or Google Play Store that would help. If you have a few bucks to spare, you can always sign up for any gym around you.

By being physically active, both androgen and testosterone levels will be boosted to a fantastic height.

Rest Well And Avoid Stress

When you stress yourself, your body might fail to grow the way it should. That is true, especially to teenagers looking at how to increase facial hair growth naturally.

If you want to develop a beard, eight hours of sleep every day is paramount. Not only will it refresh you, but it will also recharge your body to stimulate more hair growth.

Stress, on the other hand, is a hair killer. According to some studies, hair loss can be related to stress. That is true since stress and pressure only work on repressing the hormones necessary for hair growth.

Stay On The Process

Most times, individuals give up on their quest to achieve a full or more attractive beard. It always happens when little progress is being made.

As you strive to grow a beard, there will be a time the itching might seem unbearable.

It is normal and means that new hair follicles are being formed. Beard itching doesn’t mean you should shave it off. Endure to four weeks, and you’ll be impressed.

As you fight off the temptation to shave it off, it will get a time when the itching will subside. The hair will get soft, and that will be the beginning of a new dawn.

Take Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

Some of the hair growth boosting vitamins you need might be little in your body.

Some, you may rarely consume them because of your diet and the foods available to you.

Getting yourself some natural vitamins will help you produce faster result with other tips I shared in this post. Hair growth vitamins works.

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Wrapping Up

There are many tips and tricks out there about increasing facial hair growth naturally.

Still, the most obvious is eating healthy, indulging in physical exercise, and always keep your beard moisturized. If you can stick to this, you will be stunned on how amazing your beard will look.

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