How To Stop Grey Hair Growth Naturally  

How to stop grey hair growth naturally is something I know for sure that worries a lot of young people. I kept pulling mine out because I hated the sight.

Interestingly, the presence of grey hair could be a moment of happiness. That often happens when they have aged and ready to welcome Mr. Grey with open arms.

 But if you’re probably in your 20s and 30s, that would no doubt be a frightful sight. When you start getting grey strings at a tender age, you are undoubtedly a victim of early greying.

Honestly, it is a nightmare to millions of people on the planet.

It is no longer news that early greying is becoming as common as malaria and cold. In this article, you’re going to learn how to stop grey hair growth naturally without hurdles. Oh yes! You can cheat that monster and retain your sparkling black hair.

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 How To Stop Grey Hair Growth Naturally

Here are certain proven natural methods you can use to quite the growth of grey hair 

1.      Curry Leaves And Coconut Oil

Many are yet to grasp the full potential of these magical elements. But guess what, they can bring an end to that nightmare growing in your head.

Coconut oil is an exceptional conditioner. Not only does it help for fast hair growth, but it also plays a crucial role in how to stop grey hair growth naturally.

The purpose of this is to restore the black state of your hair and eliminate every string of grey.

Here is how you mixed these two ingredients.

·         Boil the coconut oil, and add the curry leaves to it

·         The result will be a magical concoction that you can use to work your scalp.

·         Allow the ingredients to cool, then gently rub your scalp with the mixture thoroughly.

Get a bottle and store it for further use. You need to keep up with this usage until you start noticing some differences.

2.      Ribbed Gourd And Olive Oil

It is not a secret, the amazing health benefits of olive oil. Using this element alongside a ribbed gourd will spill in an impressive result. Olive oil is a fantastic choice for folks looking for a way to grow healthier hair and smooth, glowing skin. The health benefits are enormous. When it comes to combating grey hair, these two knights are pretty great at it. This method of stopping grey hair growth naturally is beneficial.

 How to use ribbed gourd and olive oil to stop grey hair.

·         Dice the gourd in a little piece and put them in the sun to dry.

·         When it dries, soak them in olive oil for 3 to 4 days

·         Boil the two ingredients together until it is black

·         Pour it in a bottle and rub your scalp with it

Please, do this twice every week for the best result. Also, make sure you store in a cool, dry place; it is very paramount to retain their potency.

3.      Black Seed Oil

Ever heard of this oil? It is a universal oil often found in the Indian kitchen. Many refer to it as kalonji or black seed.

 When it comes to combating that monster sprouting in your head, this oil was born for that. It is highly efficient when it comes to inhibiting and restoring hair to its black and healthy state.

Aside from that, black seed oil also helps in curtailing hair breakage or hair thinning. Using black seed oil is easy. You don’t need to pass through any rigorous processes.

Here is how to use black seed oil to stop grey hair growth

·         Heat-up the black seed oil and store in a container

·         Rub your scalp thoroughly with this oil

·         Leave it overnight, then wash it off using a shampoo

Keep doing this three times a week

Not only would this magical oil stop grey hair growth naturally, but it would also make your hair look full, thick, and healthier. Go ahead and try it out.

4.      Mustard Oil

Although this is a little expensive, its health benefits and unique flavor is insane. Aside from using mustard oil to prepare delicious delicacies, it is also a hair treatment that many use.

 It is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and selenium, which helps to keep your hair as beautiful as ever.

If you’re looking for how to stop grey hair growth naturally, then this is an option you will love. This unique oil helps to conceal indications of early greying of hair without hassles.

Here is how to use mustard oil to stop grey hair growth

·         Hit the mustard oil a little bit, then pour in a container for storage

·         Take a little oil and rub your scalp thoroughly

·         Don’t forget to cover with a shower cover, as it might get very tacky

·         Wash it off with a shampoo the next morning

·         To make it more effective, incorporate it into your diets.

·         Massage your scalp with this oil thrice every week for the best result.


5.      Onion And Lemon Juice Hair Pack

The last remedy on the list, on how to stop grey hair growth naturally is onion and lemon juice.

Before now, you already know how excellent lemon juice works for healthier hair growth. Perhaps you never knew it could also combat grey hairs without issues.

 Incorporating these two great ingredients work like magic to eliminate greys. Oh yes, you love the sound of that. So, how do you get started?

How to use onion and lemon juice to stop grey hair growth.

·         Mix onion and lemon juice, then pour the contents on a bottle for storage

·         Take a little and massage your scalp thoroughly

·    Due to its potency, you should leave it only for thirty minutes and wash off with a shampoo.

·         Massage your hair with this awesome concoction two times every week, and watch your hair return to a healthier state.

Wrapping Up!

There are thousands of people looking for how to stop grey hair growth naturally. But due to shame, they refused to seek help.

 Instead of aiming for lasting remedies, they prefer to use black dyes, which does more harm than good.

With the above-mentioned natural remedies, you will be able to see results in a few weeks. Head over to your local store and get started immediately.

We would also like to read from you. Tell us the above mentioned solution you prefer or other methods you have tried that really worked for you.

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